Monday, May 11, 2015


This week was great! talking to the family is always fun. transfers are next week so this might be my last here! nothing too crazy this week. we celebrated star wars day cuz my comp loves star wars haha and went mini golfing with the I U elders and ysa. we all have matching Ole shirts from elder tanners dad. but I love my mom. she's great and so is emily and everyone else who played the mother role in my life. I believe god made mothers and told them go down and love, protect, nurture, teach, and guide MY children. I dont think he said THY children. But my children. everyone of them. I see that all the time with the amazing ladies I've seen in my life. so thank you for that. love elder hullinger!!

Monday, May 4, 2015


 this week was better. we went out to eat alot and everyone is trying to feed us. they treat mothers day like christmas for missionaries. I will be calling you guys this Saturday to set it all up. but other then that nothing to crazy. we went to a kids guitar concert. elder tanners dad owns a energy drink so he got us all Ole shirts ha today we are going mini golfing with some members. in church this week they talked about mothers day and it was sad ha very few things get me crying but that was one of them! it was neat to see how special a mother is. and a grandmother. we are still helping that guy who is a famous sculpture and mobile maker. its great. but thats the week! hope everyone is doing good!!! love you