Monday, March 30, 2015


this week was a good one. we had exchanges with the assistants and the zone leaders and had a lot of fun. we have a last of people who were blessed as babies but never got baptized when they turned 8. so that's a gold mine as a missionary. we just keep the ball rolling here and trying to keep the work progressing. president told roper that we will stay one more transfer together. so six more weeks coming up! I have mixed feelings about it but I know I am where i need to be. just get antsy haha I have only been in two areas serving. kokomo and
martiansville. cool thing happen. we were tracking up in the ritch parts of M vill and a lady opened the door. she
said she was leaving but we told her if she has anything going on and needs help let us know. so we walked down the street and about 10 mins later she came out and asked us to come in. her husband was alittle man who looked like the guy off UP haha he was a famous carpenter and sculpture. he asked me and roper if we would want to come by and he would teach us how to make the parts and help him make his projects. he said we could teach him while we do this and im pumped! they are super nice. we helped a lady move out a full house of stuff for a garage sale.
I found super smash brothers and got hyped from old times haha we also do service at a place called red barn and they give us free cloths and food sometimes witch is nice. jeff is back on a date trying to get baptized. we are working hard and have a few other people on dates. I am pumped for conference this week and am going with some good questions. I love everyone and hope you are doing good. church is true! 

Monday, March 9, 2015


so this week was pretty fun. we had stake conference and the weather is looking up so much! we had a big family history fair thing and it turned out really good and alot of fun. we have a guy named jeff who is working on getting baptized now. the thing here is for the last 15 years they said the church here has been clicky and just hard to go to. but now we have a new bishop who is amazing. and everyone is coming out of no where trying to be baptized. the work is so good right now. Im being blessed. but other than that just a normal week. lots of work and fun. me and my new comp are making a new song because he plays guitar so we do that at night ha its fun! but anyways I miss you and everyone alot and hope youre week is good! I keep learning so much everyday. love ian!

Monday, March 2, 2015


we had a funeral. they are neat things. I had never been to one before. hey we crashed to! ha its super snowy here and they are fixing our car. hopefully tonight we will get it back from the shop. I wish we could have scooters on the mish ha this week was good! I got elder roper! hes super cool! ( ill send some pics later but i forgot my camera at the zone leaders house ) we went out to IU campus for Saturday just for a few hours before stake conference. it was a Saturday so kinda dead but we saw these two girls walking. we crossed the street and i asked them if we could give them a card. right then I saw one of them kinda trip over her self. yikes haha they had been drinking alot.. white girl wasted. so we knew nothing great would happen so we gave them a card and told them to check it out and pray and one girl went up to roper and tried to KISS HIM! it was super scary ha he brushed her hands off his shoulders like super fast and literally we both turned and ran to the institute ha full sprint. In the moment it was super sketchy and scary but now we look back and just laugh ha everything went ok and we kinda showed god how fast we would run from sketchy things ha but sunday we got snowed in down in bloomington at the zone leaders apartment. we were just inside thinking of how we could go be good a missionary and we saw someones car had slid off the road and they needed help pushing. we went and elder russell threw a snow ball at elder waggstaff and it was game on...4 hours later we had teams of 7 on 7 from elders to ysa to kids who just lived at the aparment having the best snowball fight i've ever had in my life ha honestly I will never forget it. so fun! but yeah life is good here. new transfer so new work and going hard. we had a bap saturday so that was amazing! hope you're week goes good! sending some love from Indy! ian!