Monday, April 27, 2015


This week was crazy. we went up to sister banks farm and started cutting down trees. a bunch of missionaries im really close with came up and she brought a bunch of food so it was fun, but we were cutting down a tree and it was raining pretty hard. I guess one of the axes head got loose and it came off and hit mortensen right in the knee, evryone freaked out kinda ha but he was ok...a few stitches later. we got some big trees down and now have some blisters on my hands from it ha but this week was just alot of finding. I got to go up to IU for a day and I love doing that so it was a good break from day to day. I cant work unless I have something to look forward to. It was nice to go up there. we have a few people getting pretty close to baptism and hoping they catch some friction. but other then that. normal good week. Hope everyone is doing good. I miss you and Love you. smack the boys around for me. elder ian hullinger 


this week was funny. we got to be witnesses at jeffs wedding. it was funny to see him married. jeff only dated her for about 3 weeks. i guess they were friends from being kids but yikes haha.
we had "why I believe" this week. it is where missionaryies take all of their new members and they speak on their conversion stories. We had Paige go up and it was neat to see the changes in her life that have happen since then. other than that, a lot of service and finding. we have to go out and find 3 hours a day and it is helping me be a better people person I think. just avoid awkward convos haha But someone told me something this week that was neat. a few months ago. elder perkins came to the mission. a lot of people growing up said learn the basics of the gospel and base your testimony on that. then when things don't make sense it won't matter to your eternal living. but he was the first person I had ever heard say if you read and study and something doesn't seem right or make sense, keep studying. look harder, pray harder, and study harder. It was cool to hear someone say something more than there are not answers for that, or it doesn't matter. he said look and not only will you find the answers. but also you will find truth and happiness. I hope you are doing good! I love you and miss everyone there!! ian hullinger 


This week was another good one. we do service for this guy named joe. he is a famous sculpture and painter and we knocked on his door and he asked if we would want to come by every few days and help him with service making his projects. we said yes and are helping him now. its fun we are learning how to build and make things, hes a nice guy to. we have a list of almost 30 people here this next transfer of people we want to help or change or help them get baptized. we want to have a good transfer and are hoping to be the best we can for god. 

we had the last district meeting of transfers as 80 theme haha good pictures there. you learn alot in district meetings. 

the work is going good here though. we had a few people come watch conference talks and it was funny..jeff ritter is a hard core baptist ha he wants to get baptized. in only 2 transfers he has read the whole BOM and been to church. he got a youth job as a pastor in another church so that was our hold up right now..but in conference they said the church has never been stronger..jeff gave a big air fist bump and said amen haha hes not a member yet but we were all laughing. 
this week has just been another in the books. hard work, lots of laughts. spring cleaning( gross) and trying to become better. I loved conference. 2 fav talks were actually by seventies. the talk about learning to dance and hearing the music. that was changed me alot personally. and the next was " it was I. but it is not I". I loved it. something I always tell people scared to come to church or out to an activity is Christ said " come as you are." I always loved that but after that talk I thought why christ lets us come as we are no matter what we are or who. we could be stragglers or have turned away or just good people. no matter who you are..."come as you are" I think it is because he doesn't care who we are when we come. he cares about who we are when we leave. he will always be there and ready to take the people in. its when the people leave out. is when we are put to the test of can I be a follower of Christ. I enjoyed it alot and hope to spiritually come as I am ever day and leave a little better every day. I love you guys and hope youre week was good. keep praying for me and know I miss everyone! ian hullinger!