Monday, April 27, 2015


this week was funny. we got to be witnesses at jeffs wedding. it was funny to see him married. jeff only dated her for about 3 weeks. i guess they were friends from being kids but yikes haha.
we had "why I believe" this week. it is where missionaryies take all of their new members and they speak on their conversion stories. We had Paige go up and it was neat to see the changes in her life that have happen since then. other than that, a lot of service and finding. we have to go out and find 3 hours a day and it is helping me be a better people person I think. just avoid awkward convos haha But someone told me something this week that was neat. a few months ago. elder perkins came to the mission. a lot of people growing up said learn the basics of the gospel and base your testimony on that. then when things don't make sense it won't matter to your eternal living. but he was the first person I had ever heard say if you read and study and something doesn't seem right or make sense, keep studying. look harder, pray harder, and study harder. It was cool to hear someone say something more than there are not answers for that, or it doesn't matter. he said look and not only will you find the answers. but also you will find truth and happiness. I hope you are doing good! I love you and miss everyone there!! ian hullinger 

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