Monday, April 27, 2015


This week was crazy. we went up to sister banks farm and started cutting down trees. a bunch of missionaries im really close with came up and she brought a bunch of food so it was fun, but we were cutting down a tree and it was raining pretty hard. I guess one of the axes head got loose and it came off and hit mortensen right in the knee, evryone freaked out kinda ha but he was ok...a few stitches later. we got some big trees down and now have some blisters on my hands from it ha but this week was just alot of finding. I got to go up to IU for a day and I love doing that so it was a good break from day to day. I cant work unless I have something to look forward to. It was nice to go up there. we have a few people getting pretty close to baptism and hoping they catch some friction. but other then that. normal good week. Hope everyone is doing good. I miss you and Love you. smack the boys around for me. elder ian hullinger 

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