Monday, June 29, 2015


this week was crazy man, we got our door kicked down when we were at service and they stole everything....they took my scriptures, temple cloths, garments, all of my P day cloths ha my shoes, my watches, my dre beats my grandma send me from Christmas( unopened because idk how to use those on a mish ) my wallet and anything else ha they even stole our food haha it was crazy. we know live with the zone leaders and have no car becuase they stole our wallets ha so we share everything.  But i know it is the temple and Satan trying his hardest to stop the work. I am ok and everyone is helping out so it will be good. but other than that its last week of transfers, shout out to my boy mitch hall for going strong for two years. love you man, but other than having nothing the work is still good here. keep you all in my prayers. love hullinger! 

Monday, June 8, 2015


so a story from back in martainville. me and roper were tracking last week of the transfer so 2 weeks ago and we were teaching a lesson and mid lesson he asked the lady if he could have a glass of water..she was kinda stunned but said ok. and I asked him if he was ok. and he looked at me and said im going to pass out. and as he said that he passed out and fell down. we were on the side of the road and hes just laying on my leg on the ground and i was so scared. I was trying to call the office but no one would answer and he was out for like 2 mins and a man with one arm stopped his car and got out and tryed to help us. it was the weirdest thing of the mission yet. but that was a few weeks ago and hes ok. just was thirsty. but my new area is great. its ghetto scary but so good. we teach the most in the mission lesson wise just because everyone loves Jesus here ha not very accountable. but there are so many special moments here. we are teaching this big black guy named brother lane how to read. he is such a good guy and a strong member but never went to school at all. its so neat to see a big man be so humble and ask me what word this is.. in children books. everytime we leave i want to cry. and just teaching people how to live and be self reliant. church is insane haha its like a baptist church. everyone is screaming amen and last sunday there was a fight in sacrament that looked like a show on MTV haha most of what we do here in damage control and just keeping the church as true as possible haha but this week we went to a temple meeting. the temple is in our zone so we are part of all the things in getting it ready. it will be so neat to see. at the meeting I had to give the spiritual thought to all the stake presidents so kinda scary but It was good. I am learning alot here and hopefully will live to make it another week haha 
pendelton came back and took me to dinner and an old missionary and his wife( who is mccall adams cousin) it was a small world ha but I hope you guys are happy! love everyone there. elder hullinger  


 Im doing really good. just saying goodbyes here. we do service on a farm up in the middle of no where and we caught a raccoon haha it was the cutest animal ever! we let him go. we also had our finial dinner at the krustisises house and he said he'll make a sculpture for my wedding haha the are just like any old grandparent couple. full of love. I also got to hold a turtle with claws and he clawed me up hahah it was a good week thought, president called and told me I will train on june 30 so I will be in my next area for four and a half months it looks like. but I hope all is going good there, I miss you guys alot. this week I found out faith is an action that leads to that order, Its not give me the power to have faith its let me act in order to get power. just alittle nugget of the week. I love you!!! ian hullinger! 

Monday, May 11, 2015


This week was great! talking to the family is always fun. transfers are next week so this might be my last here! nothing too crazy this week. we celebrated star wars day cuz my comp loves star wars haha and went mini golfing with the I U elders and ysa. we all have matching Ole shirts from elder tanners dad. but I love my mom. she's great and so is emily and everyone else who played the mother role in my life. I believe god made mothers and told them go down and love, protect, nurture, teach, and guide MY children. I dont think he said THY children. But my children. everyone of them. I see that all the time with the amazing ladies I've seen in my life. so thank you for that. love elder hullinger!!

Monday, May 4, 2015


 this week was better. we went out to eat alot and everyone is trying to feed us. they treat mothers day like christmas for missionaries. I will be calling you guys this Saturday to set it all up. but other then that nothing to crazy. we went to a kids guitar concert. elder tanners dad owns a energy drink so he got us all Ole shirts ha today we are going mini golfing with some members. in church this week they talked about mothers day and it was sad ha very few things get me crying but that was one of them! it was neat to see how special a mother is. and a grandmother. we are still helping that guy who is a famous sculpture and mobile maker. its great. but thats the week! hope everyone is doing good!!! love you 


Monday, April 27, 2015


This week was crazy. we went up to sister banks farm and started cutting down trees. a bunch of missionaries im really close with came up and she brought a bunch of food so it was fun, but we were cutting down a tree and it was raining pretty hard. I guess one of the axes head got loose and it came off and hit mortensen right in the knee, evryone freaked out kinda ha but he was ok...a few stitches later. we got some big trees down and now have some blisters on my hands from it ha but this week was just alot of finding. I got to go up to IU for a day and I love doing that so it was a good break from day to day. I cant work unless I have something to look forward to. It was nice to go up there. we have a few people getting pretty close to baptism and hoping they catch some friction. but other then that. normal good week. Hope everyone is doing good. I miss you and Love you. smack the boys around for me. elder ian hullinger 


this week was funny. we got to be witnesses at jeffs wedding. it was funny to see him married. jeff only dated her for about 3 weeks. i guess they were friends from being kids but yikes haha.
we had "why I believe" this week. it is where missionaryies take all of their new members and they speak on their conversion stories. We had Paige go up and it was neat to see the changes in her life that have happen since then. other than that, a lot of service and finding. we have to go out and find 3 hours a day and it is helping me be a better people person I think. just avoid awkward convos haha But someone told me something this week that was neat. a few months ago. elder perkins came to the mission. a lot of people growing up said learn the basics of the gospel and base your testimony on that. then when things don't make sense it won't matter to your eternal living. but he was the first person I had ever heard say if you read and study and something doesn't seem right or make sense, keep studying. look harder, pray harder, and study harder. It was cool to hear someone say something more than there are not answers for that, or it doesn't matter. he said look and not only will you find the answers. but also you will find truth and happiness. I hope you are doing good! I love you and miss everyone there!! ian hullinger