Monday, June 29, 2015


this week was crazy man, we got our door kicked down when we were at service and they stole everything....they took my scriptures, temple cloths, garments, all of my P day cloths ha my shoes, my watches, my dre beats my grandma send me from Christmas( unopened because idk how to use those on a mish ) my wallet and anything else ha they even stole our food haha it was crazy. we know live with the zone leaders and have no car becuase they stole our wallets ha so we share everything.  But i know it is the temple and Satan trying his hardest to stop the work. I am ok and everyone is helping out so it will be good. but other than that its last week of transfers, shout out to my boy mitch hall for going strong for two years. love you man, but other than having nothing the work is still good here. keep you all in my prayers. love hullinger! 

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