Monday, June 8, 2015


so a story from back in martainville. me and roper were tracking last week of the transfer so 2 weeks ago and we were teaching a lesson and mid lesson he asked the lady if he could have a glass of water..she was kinda stunned but said ok. and I asked him if he was ok. and he looked at me and said im going to pass out. and as he said that he passed out and fell down. we were on the side of the road and hes just laying on my leg on the ground and i was so scared. I was trying to call the office but no one would answer and he was out for like 2 mins and a man with one arm stopped his car and got out and tryed to help us. it was the weirdest thing of the mission yet. but that was a few weeks ago and hes ok. just was thirsty. but my new area is great. its ghetto scary but so good. we teach the most in the mission lesson wise just because everyone loves Jesus here ha not very accountable. but there are so many special moments here. we are teaching this big black guy named brother lane how to read. he is such a good guy and a strong member but never went to school at all. its so neat to see a big man be so humble and ask me what word this is.. in children books. everytime we leave i want to cry. and just teaching people how to live and be self reliant. church is insane haha its like a baptist church. everyone is screaming amen and last sunday there was a fight in sacrament that looked like a show on MTV haha most of what we do here in damage control and just keeping the church as true as possible haha but this week we went to a temple meeting. the temple is in our zone so we are part of all the things in getting it ready. it will be so neat to see. at the meeting I had to give the spiritual thought to all the stake presidents so kinda scary but It was good. I am learning alot here and hopefully will live to make it another week haha 
pendelton came back and took me to dinner and an old missionary and his wife( who is mccall adams cousin) it was a small world ha but I hope you guys are happy! love everyone there. elder hullinger  

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