Monday, June 8, 2015


 Im doing really good. just saying goodbyes here. we do service on a farm up in the middle of no where and we caught a raccoon haha it was the cutest animal ever! we let him go. we also had our finial dinner at the krustisises house and he said he'll make a sculpture for my wedding haha the are just like any old grandparent couple. full of love. I also got to hold a turtle with claws and he clawed me up hahah it was a good week thought, president called and told me I will train on june 30 so I will be in my next area for four and a half months it looks like. but I hope all is going good there, I miss you guys alot. this week I found out faith is an action that leads to that order, Its not give me the power to have faith its let me act in order to get power. just alittle nugget of the week. I love you!!! ian hullinger! 

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