Monday, March 2, 2015


we had a funeral. they are neat things. I had never been to one before. hey we crashed to! ha its super snowy here and they are fixing our car. hopefully tonight we will get it back from the shop. I wish we could have scooters on the mish ha this week was good! I got elder roper! hes super cool! ( ill send some pics later but i forgot my camera at the zone leaders house ) we went out to IU campus for Saturday just for a few hours before stake conference. it was a Saturday so kinda dead but we saw these two girls walking. we crossed the street and i asked them if we could give them a card. right then I saw one of them kinda trip over her self. yikes haha they had been drinking alot.. white girl wasted. so we knew nothing great would happen so we gave them a card and told them to check it out and pray and one girl went up to roper and tried to KISS HIM! it was super scary ha he brushed her hands off his shoulders like super fast and literally we both turned and ran to the institute ha full sprint. In the moment it was super sketchy and scary but now we look back and just laugh ha everything went ok and we kinda showed god how fast we would run from sketchy things ha but sunday we got snowed in down in bloomington at the zone leaders apartment. we were just inside thinking of how we could go be good a missionary and we saw someones car had slid off the road and they needed help pushing. we went and elder russell threw a snow ball at elder waggstaff and it was game on...4 hours later we had teams of 7 on 7 from elders to ysa to kids who just lived at the aparment having the best snowball fight i've ever had in my life ha honestly I will never forget it. so fun! but yeah life is good here. new transfer so new work and going hard. we had a bap saturday so that was amazing! hope you're week goes good! sending some love from Indy! ian!   

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