Monday, February 23, 2015


 transfers are here and russell is out so sad day. but I'm staying here. we will see this week who I get as a comp. we have a baptism this Saturday because our last one got canceled because of the weather. so that's fun! it snowed a bunch up here and we had a snow ball fight with the baby lacrosse sticks and it was super fun! pendelton and alot of my good friends are going home today and that's sad but I got to say goodbye! I'm happy for them. So this week I got to bare my testimony on gods love. I think deep down we can all feel gods love but sometimes it gets a little cloudy. we just need to know that everything that happens is out of love. failing, hardship, trifle, pain, happiness, joy, succeeding, and everything else is all from god and out of his love for us. but I remembered when I was captain of the lacrosse team I made a goal to love every kid on the team. I think I did ok. but i remember looking at kids and thinking..I love you, but i don't like you. it was an eye opener to me that god not only loves us but he likes us and is our close friend. he is perfect. but more important than anything is that God understands us. he knows why we are who we are. sometimes I struggle with things. but I know God knows in my heart I'm trying my best. life is all about earning stripes and learning heavenly tendencies and laws. we all know rules and things like that are hard sometimes but they help us be better and more importantly feel God's love. but other than that i'm just going through the book of Mormon. I'm in Alma now and close to done. I'm happy things are going good and keep living the dream! 
love ian 

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