Tuesday, February 10, 2015

NEVER BELOW 1 (November 17, 2014)

no way hahaha Steven is in for a super sweet mission! thats really cool! I bet josh went nuts! thats crazy news! tell him congrats. this week was a fun one. we are teaching so many people it keeps us busy but one is named julia. shes 21 and a swimmer and just got married but shes golden. she loves everything about the church and cries like 50 times a lesson haha she wants to be baptized soon so thats good. we went to the hospital this week to do sacrament to a lady and we were waiting at the table to get some crackers and me and my comp were talking about something and we started making puke noises (not thinking we were in a hospital) and a lady had to come tell us to stop and i cried i laughed so hard haha just a funny situation. weird things happen on your mission ha but I got sick this week and it got kinda bad. I like being able to talk to the lord when i need to. I always used to think it was just a little thing but god loves us so much he wants us to pray always. he gave us a way that we can talk to him whenever we feel like we need to and hes there. he loves us and its so crazy haha he makes us happen, even though sometimes its hard and doesn't feel like it. he is there. I found out god will humiliate you down until you feel like a 1....but he never takes you under a 1. he always is there somehow. but its been a good week. it snowed and honestly is 10000 below 0 ha its great. wer'e giving blood this week. (yikes) ha so i'll let you know how it all goes. 
love ian! 

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