Tuesday, February 10, 2015

WORKING HARD (October 27, 2014)

this week has been crazy! I got a new comp named elder pendleton. we were friends back home! haha small world. we are in kokomo doing work but now we are going on IUK. its the school there and i love talking to people there. that lady is doing better. she is still in the hospital but doing good. other then that it's been a normal week for the most part! working hard! he dated jordan crump so we're friends from that ha he's awesome. but this past few weeks was so hard. with that lady falling and missing home and just everything was hard. i read in ether about the brother seeing christ's hand. that's all i wanted was to see christ hand touch my life. it made me mad haha i couldnt see it. but then i realized that even if the brother wouldn't have seen the hand..christ was still there. sometimes he wont let me see his hand. I can feel alone. but if you look hard enough you will always find a finger print of a loving god. so i am learning to look for those finger prints. im doing better now. I love you 

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