Tuesday, February 10, 2015

TALENT SHOW MONDAY (August 18, 2014)

It's been another good week. You tend to have lots and lots of meetings through the week so we stay busy. Me and the other three elders in our district are in the church talent show Monday and we aren't sure yet what we're doing for it haha. But let's be honest. I'm pretty talented so ;) haha. That will be a fun week! My apartment was broken into (not my room but the building) and all the couches and tables and mirrors were stolen! Kinda sketchy..but I'm not too worried. I'm in Kokomo Indiana which is right in the middle of the state. I have my first baptism on Sep 6 which is my birthday present from Heavenly Father!!! The weeks are getting easier and I am getting better at talking to people. It used to be scary but now i just pretend everyone is my friend. I have had some people get kind of mad at me and a baptist preacher pulled me and my comp over and tried to convert us..he told us how cool his church was and I said it sounds awesome and he asked why I didn't join his church haha. Then we went missionary mode on him. We'll see if he really invites us over or not but it's nice. I tell people I'm kind of new to the gospel and religion and I just want to learn more and that tends to let people talk a little more openly. Then I just have to testify and hope the spirit works on them. It's cool to see out here how time flies. You're so busy it just goes. It's humbling too. Every compliment you get means so much more to you and you look to love people so fast. Studying is sweet to! I'm half way thought the book or Mormon and learning alot. I met this man who was baptized a year ago. But before he was in jail and someone sent him a quad scripture. He had noithing else to do so he wrote the quad out. All of it, every word. He knows so much and it's cool. We will go see him once a week and he'll just give us deep deep doctrine. I can't say i know much but it's cool to hear my comp and him ramble on haha. Well it's a good week. Hope all is well. 

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