Tuesday, February 10, 2015

THE COMPLIMENT BENCH (November 3, 2014)

thats so fun! tell steven i love him! sounds like life is going strong. I had an amazing week. I do still need that coat we bought from missionary mall. they never sent it and it was pricey! but i got moved to a campus missionary (because i like making friends) ha and i love it! its IUK and its so fun. we teach all day and will make up songs and sing to people with my comps uke. the whole campus knows us becuase sometimes we'll sit on a bench in the middle of campus and just compliment everyone that walks by. they smile from down the side walk because they know its coming haha the work is good. I really do just love it and my comp is just like me. pres told him before he got with me he's going to be put with the future him. so we are alot alike ha everyone thinks we are brothers! its great. he hates losing in things and i like getting better so he just teaches me alot of stuff and makes me better. its perfect.  it is very cold ha well thats about life. I love you guys lots!!! 

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