Tuesday, February 10, 2015

16,000 PEOPLE SAYING PRAYERS (August 11, 2014)

I am learning so much cool stuff!!! I am just starting Alma in the Book of Mormon and I've read cover to there! It's sweet. My comp is a super super good missonary...we're a little different haha. He doesn't do sports or like them. He was a fire fighter, never kissed a girl, and has a super super cheesey smile haha. He's a good comp though. He loves me. I can tell. We are teaching and at a high for bap dates! We taught 20 lessons and have 3 on dates! It's good so far. The first week was hard but I realized why it's so hard and good at the same time. Prayer is a cool thing. And I know as a missonary satan HATES me and what I am doing. So he tries as hard as he can to bring me down and make it hard. But as a missonary I am entitled to the 16,000 people saying prayers to bless the missonaries and that's lots of blessings! I feel them and I always ask Heavenly Father to help me feel the prayers of everyone I can. I learned something cool about faith.

2 Nephi 4:20

My god hath been my support; he has lead me through mine afflictions in the wilderness and he has preserved me upon the waters of the great deep.

Some people think faith is god making their problems better, or fixing things for them because they believe and are keeping their commandments. But faith is knowing that god will lead you through it. That's hard to teach some people. It doesn't say he made my afflictions better. He leads me through them. Remeber that!

This week was a good one. We helped a man move in and he had a low blood sugar attack!! It was super scary haha. But no worries. He made it out alive! I'm learning lots and becoming kinda a missonary haha. Not quite there yet but close. The ward is super nice! We have a lady called mama who feeds us every night we don't have a meal. She cleans our dirty cloths! It's a blessing. The weather is actually really cold. It's been like 60 and 70 all summer so were thinking a cold winter! And by the way just so you know, everyone here has no teeth and smokes and is a little on the big side ha. It scared me a little. Now I work out like every break we get and brush my teeth alot haha. But the people are great. We have some baptisms coming up and I'm stoked about that! It's not too hard as long as you work all day. Then it flies, and since nothing is over an hour nothing feels too slow, but days when we aren't full or mess up our planning it's super long haha. But yeah people are nice and the ward takes care of us alot.  

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