Tuesday, February 10, 2015


So first off, in the MTC I met a Tongan who had no money at all! And no suit and noihng. He was super nice though and loving. So I gave him a tie. He bawled and bawled and bawled haha. It was super cute. But the cool thing was I left the MTC at 3:30 in the moring and he slept outside our dorm (which is breaking alot of rules haha) and waited up all night just to help us bring our bags to the truck! He wanted to say thank you for everything. It was awsome. He was a super sweet guy. So then Indiana is super super pretty. The people at first kinda scared me. They're all really trashy and poor but then as I got to know them there just like me...just dress talk and walk a little different, which was cool to see. My first day we taught alot of lessons and it went super well. But all the other days haven't been as good. I'm teaching a girl who is 17 and has a 3 month baby with no dad. It's sad but she's super pure about just listening to what we have to say. My comp is Elder Bush...He is 10 months in from Beaver Utah, has 5 sisters, never played a sport in his life, never kissed a girl, loves disney, and smiles maybe more than me haha. He's a good elder though. Our personalities are a little different but we get along well. I got a big hug from Cole as soon as I got here! He said I'll love it and he's missed me and if I ever need anything call him (which is also against the rules but he said he doesn't get in trouble hahah). He looks good! He smiles just as much as he use to and he still is super super funny. He talks to everyone haha. But I won the most know elder out of all the new elders hahah. A few knew me from lacrosse and others from Cole and some sisters from Lehi and other schools and everyone LOVES the blue tie haha.

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