Tuesday, February 10, 2015


We had a talent show and did frozen do you want to build a snow man but we changed it to do you want to hear the gospel and we made it a skit haha it was soo funny! I also did a ice cream eating competition and out of four people I got fourth haha but super fun! I have vidoes coming soon so you can see them;) We had a flood here the other day! It was crazy. Cars couldn't drive and it rained soo bad! Me and my comp had an epic rain play session and got soaked haha but thats the abouts in kokomo. President Clevland is super cool. He gave me like 6 hugs at trainning (because who doesn't love ian hullinger right?) He is super smart in the gospel. He asked me to do a teaching next zone trainng so will see how that goes! Sometimes it's hard with my comp. He is super smart and knows it. But it's a growing time and I love him. He clogged in the talent show and was unreal good!!!!!!!!!! It was super sweet. Some kid this week asked us what we believe and I gave him the run down and we started talking about temples and he said if there was a skate park in the temple he'd come so i told him I'll see what I can do..... ha but all is well in kokomo. It's weird it's allready september almost. I'm pretty much a veteran haha just kidding. Some days still get crazy and hard but i know this is the lords work. I had to give a blessing this week to a lady whose son got put in jail for attempted murder and the same day she lost her job and got kicked out of her aparment. She has two other kids and no idea what to do. It made me cry ha it was so sad. I wanted her to listen and turn to the church and christ and people but she was so hurt. That was a hard thing to see. She just shut off. But it made me so happy for gods love and all the blessings. It's worth it being out here. Thats my week! 

love elder hullinger 

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