Tuesday, February 10, 2015

YOU'RE MY FAVORITE ELDER (October 6, 2014)

So this week was super fun! The other elder in our district got hand foot mouth sickness (its real haha) so we all took turns staying in with him so others could do work. it was fun. i love my district. the other night we were at this family's house. they have 7 kids! its insane haha everyone is screaming and running around. their ages go from 4 to 15 and theres 7...so all kinda little. but the four year old girl in the mess of everything comes up to me on the couch and goes, you're my favorite elder and smiles at me and i was like haha thanks! and she just laughed and told me about her life ha but then the only time the whole house was quiet was during the prayer. and I opened my eyes for 2 seconds..she was on the other side of the table, and this four year old girl opened her eyes and blew a kiss at me and I laughed so hard. I dont know why, it wasn't that funny or anything just made me laugh super bad in the middle of the prayer! it was embarassing. so the lession i learned was don't open your eyes in the prayer haha but it was a good week. conference is like Christmas for a missionary. you just get to watch them all day and see members and just a fun time. my favorite quotes are the one seventy said when a churches standards or personal standards fall down to meet worldly standards..that is apostasy. that was a cool thought. I also loved holland saying...im not my brothers keeper, but i am my brothers brother. that was my favorite. Just because it really helped me feel the love for my brothers and friends and what i would do for them. I also really enjoyed the talk on prayer, scriptures, family home eve, and the temple. he broke them down so simple and said god respects our agency when we pray. I loved that. and bednar was super good as well. just a funny good talk and meant alot. It was amazing to hear them! another cool thing i learned this week or just kinda read. In the tower of babel god said he had to stop them from being unified. because when were unified they could do anything......ANYTHING. it was cool to see how much more powerful we are in being unified. whether it's family, companion, wife and husband, a church, a nation,or just with god. unity is power. so much in the tower of babel god had to un unify them. It makes me want to be unified in all I'm doing. so that was cool! anyways I miss you guys and love you lots! thanks for the emails. 
Love elder hullinger      

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