Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A CHRISTMAS TREE (November 10, 2014)

thats so cool! did you get her email? id write her! i miss you guys alot! but the work is fun!  there is 4000 on campus so its kinda a small campus but we are friends with the chancellor and like 4 teachers and we did service with a fratt. its going amazing. we have a few people who are shooting for baptism. but the other day we helped a guy in the ward clean out his apartment complex, hes the owner of them all and a guy moved away and left a bunch of stuff in a garage so we got to go clean it all out. we just started with the big stuff and we found like seven pounds of weed haha we had to call the cops and they came and got it but it was funny, he also had like a million dirty magazines that we had to throw away. his name was glenn...we think glenn is in jail now haha but thats not even the best part! we found a Christmas tree! so we took it home haha and it came with lights and everything. so we have a tree now in our apartment! were making a christmas card to send home haha thats about it this week. hope all is well. 
love ian!!!!

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