Tuesday, February 17, 2015


so this week was good. transfers are almost over and im pretty sure my comp is out. I hope not. hes super fun! this week we went to a park and did some trash clean up and he tried to teach me parkour haha. the other night we had family home evening with a family and taught them about Moroni and building towers to protect him from evil. we had them explain how it helps us protect ourselves from bad. then we role played with them the war chapters in Alma chapter 50 ha. it was great! it snowed alot this week here. it's 12 degrees now. we have a baptism this weekend of a girl named

Paige. she's 15 and her parents don't like her going to church but she knows it's true. we have a few more people we are trying to get baptized but its taking some time. I love them alot. there is this member named sister banks who has a farm up here in M vile and she has us come cut wood every Saturday. she always is buying us food and she got us all big heart chocolates for V day. she was false imprisoned a long time ago so she gets lots of money from that and she spends it all on missionary's ha. she is always buying us shoes or sweaters or just little things. shes a super nice lady. I'm growing a ton still here. just trying everyday to be better and more like Christ. president for a district meeting told everyone in the district things he knows and admires about us personally. he just wrote it to the district leader in a letter but he said that elder hullinger is one of the most positive missionaries. he is always smiling and everyone is always happy when hes around them. that was cool to see president write that. I felt some love haha but it's going by so fast. im already over 1/4 and i still feel like a little baby. well I hope everyones week was great! sending some love from Indy! hullinger 

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